Aug 23 – Sep 22


You've made a real connection – now you need to push it along into something you really want it to be. Think about deepening the link and discovering all the mutually supportive nooks and crannies you two share. Start with a genuine expression of your feelings – about their work, their social genius, their intuition – and then follow up with some thoughtful questions about how they do it.

The key to getting your week off to a good start is being flexible. The game plan is going to change a million times, and the more you're able to adapt the happier you're going to be. By midweek, do your best to be the one who calms everyone else down (and, whatever you do, don't make things any more complicated or hectic than they need to be). The truth is, you don't mind a little stress. You handle yourself amazingly well, especially on Friday. And it's times like these that allow you to show off your true colors.

Are you feeling a twinge of naughtiness on January 2? Must be the influence of Uranus going direct, which gives off an air of going against the rules and bucking the system. Good luck is on your side, but don’t push it!

A new moon in businesslike Capricorn on the sixteenth means setting new goals, and the higher the better, because the Goat gives you a very serious dose of ambition.

Love guru Venus enters quirky Aquarius on January 17, and while you don’t feel totally comfortable with this placement, it’s a good time to experiment with the less conventional aspects of romance. You never go too far into the deep end, but dipping your toes in it every so often feels delightfully refreshing.

When conversational Mercury merges with deep, dark Pluto on January 24, communication takes on a secretive tone. You tend to dissect every message you receive while holding your own cards very close to the chest. If someone wants to know any of your deep, dark secrets, they’ll have to prove themselves worthy of them, and then some.

When the inventive Aquarius sun trines the witty Gemini moon on the twenty-seventh, you’re quick with a smart comeback or creative solution. Everything’s flowing together perfectly and life is good.

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