Sep 23 – Oct 22


You've got a special glow – one that shows that your brain is running and generating some serious heat up in your head. You're never quite as sexy as you are when you're occupied with creative energy to the exclusion of all else. Someone new is just about to capture your attention, and this should mark the beginning of an awesome friendship – or something more.

You're going to spend the beginning of the week surrounded by friends. What did you do to deserve such stellar people in your life? When you and your friends put your heads together, you have a tendency to dream up really big plans for the future. Which is exactly what you should be doing all this week, especially Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Sit back and take the long view of things. Don't overanalyze anything. Be calm. The future is going to become clear soon enough. This weekend, you're going to catch someone's eye from across the room, and when you do, you two are going to flirt like crazy.

It isn’t every day that you feel like a powerful force, but when influential Mars joins forces with Jupiter in intense Scorpio on January 6, you feel invincible. There may be times when you’ll have to hold back so you don’t overshadow the subtleties of the moment, but you could get used to receiving the respect that this transit provides.

Communications take on a very serious tone when Mercury moves into the Goat’s practical realm on the eleventh, and you do everything a bit more slowly and precisely. You aren’t in a rush, because you’d much rather see a venture through to completion and make sure it’s 100 percent accurate than rush and turn in an inferior project. You can get overwhelmed easily, so take as many breaks and big breaths as you need. Hitting a yoga class after a long and stressful workday wouldn’t be a bad idea!

The altruistic Aquarius sun joins forces with the airy Gemini moon on January 27, and the results can be very special. If you’re in the right place at the right time to be of service to someone else, the rewards far outweigh the challenges. Going above and beyond isn’t expected, but it’s so very appreciated.

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